When I do something in one place,
it’s recognised in another.

Loyalty4 is about doing intelligent things from your customers’ point of view. Every buying decision they make leads to a smart and immediate response – so they notice the improved service experience. And because the information is clustered dynamically, it allows you to make business decisions based on real-time data.

Our clients use it in these 8 ways



Create, schedule, manage, test, report and analyse your campaigns across multiple communication channels.



Advanced rules engine that creates and delivers dynamic and engaging communications that respond to customer behaviours and segments.


Integrated Data Services

Improve speed to market by streamlining the deployment process through the removal of data and application integration barriers.


Model & Segment Data

Advanced segmentation, ETL and modelling capability that delivers refined data for driving highly targeted communications.


Hidden Business Intelligence

Gain hidden insights into your customer landscape through advanced data visualisation tools.


Manage Loyalty Programs

Intuitive administration interface designed for marketing professionals to easily configure and manage Loyalty Program execution.


Unified Analytics & Reporting

Centralised view of your Loyalty Program and campaign activities.


Community Management

Manage your online communities and brand reputation across the social landscape.

Loyalty4 &

EB Games

One of our best success stories resulted
from an SMS campaign where we managed
to achieve $6M in sales by beating our
competition to market with a major price
reduction — reaching a target audience of
200,000 interested gamers within five
minutes of the business decision being
made, all thanks to Loyalty4. Read full case study.

Going Global. Due to the EB Games
success story, Lavender is now deploying
this program right across Australia,
New Zealand, Europe and soon Canada —
all powered by our house-built system Loyalty4.

or call Will Lavender on 02 8224 3110.