Five services. End-to-end CX.

As a true CX agency, Lavender will shape your organisation's products, services and communication around your customers. Our five-step process marries our data-driven, customer-centric heritage with standout creative and technological innovation. And our entire end-to-end offering is delivered in-house. It's 100% Lavender.


Working with you to make your business work better.
Our tech and business consultants will uncover the insights you need to focus your business on your customers. Once strategies have been developed, we'll use our market-leading data and technology solutions to help you deliver them. And everything we do will have optimal CX and customer profitability at its core.

Services:  Customer experience  /  Product development  /  Digital engagement  /  CRM and marketing automation  /  Technical and data audits  /  Behavioural Architecture


Getting the right message to your customers at the right time
Whatever the channel, we'll capture real and evolving customer intelligence – often from a wide range of data sources. We'll then use it to provide relevance and continuity to all your customer comms. Our love for customer data drives a value exchange that means both you and your customers win.

Services:  Analytics and insights  /  Analysis and segmentation  /  Modelling  /  Management and warehousing


Bringing your brand to life for your customers.
Combining strategic smarts with inspiring ideas, we'll create campaigns that make your customers feel valued, recognised and appreciated. We'll crunch the data to give them a multi-channel experience that's dynamic, personalised and automated. And we'll execute it wherever they are – mobile, web, social or traditional media – for a genuine 1:1 connection.

Services:  Communication strategy  /  Creative concepts  /  Design  /  Video creation  /  PR and Social  /  Production and technical build  /  Web and mobile development


Creating and building ways to connect with your customers.
Our technological capability is unmatched in this market – and we'll use it to bring you closer to your customers. We build bespoke platforms, create and implement CRM and loyalty systems, and design enterprise architecture. And we're just as skilled at website and mobile app development. Our tech specialists will get you in market quickly, and make sure the highest quality standards are met.

Services:  Bespoke platforms  /  CRM and loyalty systems  /  Cloud services  /  Enterprise architecture  /  E2E partner management

Our products:


Delivering best-in-class work for you and your customers.
We combine an agile approach with a passion for detail to deliver against your objectives and deadlines. We're OEM and SI. We're also one of the country's largest brokers of email. Our built-in measurement systems constantly report results, optimising both the customer experience and your results.

Services:  Systems integration  /  Email and SMS  /  Performance management and measurement  /  Training and support

Our partners: Lavender is an industry-leader in systems integration; we leverage partnerships with world class vendors to provide an end-to-end integration service.